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Sports Injuries, Macclesfield


 Sports Injuries 1Our Physiotherapy Team are specialists in the treatment of Sports Injuries. Whether you're an elite athlete, recreational sports player or someone just returning to sport or exercise, we can offer the treatment to make sure you perform at your best.










Elite Sports Experience


Our physiotherapists have Masters level qualifications in sports therapy and rehabilitation and have a wide range of experience treating both sports men and women. Our experience includes working with professional athletes at Manchester City FC, Macclesfield Town FC and at a national level with the England Amateur Boxing Association.



Jack Schofield, Great Britain Triathlete

 Jack Schofield GBR
 "The treatment I've received at John Honey Physio has been exceptional. Ross Whiteside has helped keep me fit through my training, accurately diagnosing injuries and the problems associated with my training and competing in long distance triathlons.  The advice he has given me regarding my return to training after injury has been invaluable and has no doubt prevented further injury to help keep me at my peak."


John Honey Physiotherapy is an official sponsor of Jack Schofield.  Last year Jack finished 2nd in the European long distance triathlon Under-24 category and 3rd in the World long distance triathlon Under-24 category. Formore information about Jack, please visit his website www.jack-schofield.co.uk.



All Sports


We offer treatment to all levels of sports players. Our specialist knowledge of movement and sports performance allows us to assess and analyse technique specific to an individual and their chosen sport or activity including:


  • Running 
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Gym / cross-fit exercise
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Racket sports - tennis / squash
  • Golf
  • Horse riding



Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation


There are many reasons why injuries occur while exercising. Sometimes it can be related to diirect trauma such as a fall or a twisting injury. Other times, injury occurs because the soft tissues aren't coping with the demand placed on them during an activity.


We offer treatment for injuries related to:


- Trauma - fractures / soft tissue injuries such as ligaments or muscle injuries / cartilage

- Scar tissue

- Muscle imbalance

- Repetitive movements / overuse

- Strength / flexibility

- Technique


For more information about the types of treatments we do, please see our Treatment Techniques page.



Reurn to Sport


The point at which you return to exercise and sport following an injury is important to judge to avoid re-injury or other problems associated with a lack of fitness because of injury. Our specialist physiotherapy team can advise on maintaining strength whilst injured, a gradual return to sport and activity once it is safe to do so and the relevant progression of exercises to improve strength, stability, flexibility and performance.



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